Mia Khalifa Life from Pornographic Career to Post-Pornographic

Who is a Mia Khalifa ?

Mia Khalifa (ميا خليفة) is a woman of 26 years age. She is from Libnan and born in Beirute on 10-February-1993 and also known as Mia Callista. Mia moved to the United States at the age of 8 years with her family due to the South Lebanon conflict. She lived in Montgomery, Maryland as a teenager, where she learnt and adopt the american culture. She completed here bachelor degree in history from the university of University of Texas at El Paso. In religion point of view her affiliation was catholic but not practicing right now. She adopt the adult industry on Oct-2014 and become very famous in December-2014. Her height is 5.2 inches and brunette hair and synonymous with her glasses on. She is one of the most favorite porn star in the adult industry of USA. Now a days her song tik tok is very famous and popular among her fans.  

Mia Khalifa Life from Pornographic Career to Post-Pornographic

Mia Khalifa Life in Pornographic

She started her career from fast food restaurant as waitress and not happy from this low level job. She wants to earn more and always searching the such kind of opportunity. One day, she was serving the food to a customer and the customer belong to porn industry. He offered her in the industry with handsome package and she adopted quickly. She was 21 of age , when she started her pornographic career in Oct-2014. She become very famous due to Arabian face features and beauty. Her popularity at pornhub were on peak in December-2014. She also achieve the the world’s 10 most notorious porn stars figure , where she on number 5 position. In Jan-2015, she signed a contract with Bang Bros’ for performing more than one scene in a month but after two week, she resigned. In July-2016, an interview with “The Washington Post” , Mia Khalifa stated that she had only three months life in pornographic industry. But, as of May-2016, she still working as a webcam model. She still like the anal sex and most of her interviews express that was tough but fascinating.

Mia Khalifa Life after Pornographic

She started as paralegal and bookkeeper in Miami and also as a social media personality, webcam model and sports commentator.She is also very active on social media and the detail of social media activity is following:

  • Her YouTube Channel is
  • live streams on Twitch.tv
  • Sells explicit photoshoots and videos on the social media website Findrow
  • Hosted Out of Bounds
  • Daily sports show on Complex News’s YouTube
  • Mia also co-host SportsBall alongside Tyler Coe

At the end Khalifa stated that her family is not speaking with her due to her career in adult industry. She also admitted this is her personal decision and not the grooming of her parents.